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Now Hiring: IT Systems Analyst in our Taylor Michigan Area

IT Systems Analyst in our Taylor Michigan Area

Summary of essential job functions

The responsibilities and authorities for this position include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Network Infrastructure design and deployment
  • Configuration of site to site VPN
  • Configuration of security systems and policies
  • Server replication / backup management
  • Hardware / Software deployment
  • Server management and deployment
  • Production Systems maintenance and support
  • Desktop / Laptop Support
  • Plan for short and long term uses of technology that improves the efficient and effectiveness of the company.
  • Manage capital expenditure plan that systematically replaces current equipment at appropriate intervals.
  • Provide strategic technology planning and deployment
  • Assist with technology efforts at a plant level as needed

Minimum Work Experience Requirements:

  • Must have at 5 – 7 years experience in IT capacity
  • Leadership in information technology development and administration
  • Articulating complex issues related to computer use and instructional technologies
  • Support of network and server infrastructure
  • Planning and implementation of an appropriate Disaster Recovery Plan.

Other Requirements:

  • Ability to perform well in high pressure situations.
  • Possess sound financial and business insights.
  • Capable of independent travel to, from and within designated regions.
  • Access to reliable transportation.

Educational Requirements

  • Must poses a post secondary diploma or equivalent in the field of Information Technology
  • Community college


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