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Supply Chain Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow Pyramid-lo

Anyone who has taken a psychology or sociology class in high school or post-secondary school has learned about Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs.” It describes an individual’s journey towards spiritual enlightenment. In comparison, gaining insight into your supply chain needs takes on many similar characteristics. It is a journey, not a destination.

Supply Chain systems are designed to achieve high service levels. Maslow’s hierarchical set of needs, which all human beings should fulfill in order to reach self-actualization, with the final goal being the best performing individuals, has been repurposed by Hearn Industrial Services to illustrate how we can move you from your “basic needs” to “self-actualization” or as we like to call it High Service Level.

Starting from the bottom where human basic needs are and going up the pyramid:

    • End Customer Focus

At Hearn Industrial Services, we understand our customers. We are able to adapt and shape solutions for known (existing) demands and unknown demands. Many customers have presented us with challenging problems that we have come up with unique solutions for. No customer is one-size fits all.
Where human basic needs include food, water, warmth and rest, Hearn Industrial Services can provide the basic needs to our supply chain customers. We have the infrastructure and wherewithal to suit your needs. Additionally, we offer transportation and quality services to complement our supply chain services.


    • Internal Integration

Once the physiological needs to maintain life in Maslow’s hierarchy are met, humans need to consider their safety and security. Likewise, you want to make sure that you choose a supply chain professional that is focused on your bottom line. At Hearn Industrial Services, we don’t only measure On Time Delivery and Inventory Accuracy – we measure safety, quality and performance accuracy too. In fact, we can measure just about anything in our processes that our customers want us to! For all of our customers, there is assurance of continued meeting of their needs and expectations through proper planning and resource allocation.


    • External Integration

The need to experience rewarding interpersonal relationships and belonging is a deep-seated need within humans and can often override the more fundamental need for safety or even physiological needs. In business – which consists of a collection of human beings – relationships are important. At Hearn Industrial Services we firmly believe in harvesting relationships with our customers. We go the extra mile for our customers.
Not only do we build relationships with our customers, but we build strategic partnerships with select companies to help address our customers’ requirements.


    • Win-Win Scenario

The 4th level of Maslow’s pyramid is esteem. Humans have the need to feel respected and have a desire to be accepted and valued by others. This is done through achievement, status, prestige etc. We understand this and strive to deliver excellent service with professional knowledge of the industry. Our staff has the combined experience and knowledge that surpasses many in the industry.
In the past year, Hearn Industrial Services has expanded not only geographically, but skillfully as well. Our services keep expanding and our service levels keep on improving.


    • Sustainability

Maslow estimated that only 2% of the human population are “self-actualizers” – that is, those who are motivated to fulfill their potential via personal growth. At Hearn Industrial Services, not only do we focus on our bottom line, but we also aim to make the world a better place. Through various Corporate Responsibility initiatives, we are achieving this every day. Not only do we look intrinsically (for example, we recently replaced all of the lighting in one of our locations so that it wastes less electricity and is on timers so that the lights are not always on in areas that aren’t being used), but we look to help our customers leave less of a footprint too.


Every business is different when it comes to these journeys. People don’t gain spiritual enlightenment overnight. Individuals need to understand what makes themselves tick and what is important to them. Hearn Industrial Services strives to understand what makes our customers tick and what is important to them – because that is what is important to us. Choosing Hearn Industrial Services is choosing Operational Excellence, and we can and will help your business achieve “self-actualization”.

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