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Bulk Parts Metering

inventory systemHearn Industrial Services’ Bulk Parts Metering programs are an effective way to optimize your truckload transportation schedules and still allow for just-in-time deliveries into your plant. Receiving bulk truckloads, each containing thousands of parts into the manufacturing-support operation, at scheduled delivery windows throughout the day requires precise coordination, promptness and a process control procedure to ensure the proper receipt of bulk parts. Truckload volume shipments are received into the Hearn Industrial Services Warehousing and Distribution centres and the bulk parts are delivered to your operations systematically throughout the day. This will help optimize your floor space and handling.


Leading automotive and non-automotive OEMs rely on Hearn Industrial Services’ bulk parts metering process to receive and check in bulk part and other commodities and route them directly to the assembly plant or accurately track them to storage within our warehouse system, where they are picked via FIFO rules and shipped on a just-in-time basis. Our bulk metering services allows manufacturers/suppliers to optimize floor space within their facilities and reduce the line side part presentation requirements in assembly plants.


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