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Sequencing is an inventory strategy that facilitates Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery to work in conjunction with various types of assembly line productions.  Components and parts arrive at the production line “just in time” as scheduled before the product is assembled.  The concept of automotive sequencing originated from the Just-In-Time initiatives introduced by automotive manufacturers and their suppliers in the early 1990s.  At Hearn Industrial Services, we have over ten years of sequencing experience, specifically in the automotive industry.

Our sequencing services are ideal for eliminating production backlogs, space restrictions and staff shortages.

  • Performance of entire sequencing processes for both ILVS and Broadcast
  • Quality control for part accuracy
  • Intra plant line side delivery
  • InSequence sequencing software utilized
  • Data exchange via EDI-ASN-EOP/CMMS
  • Barcoding and labelling
  • Part management – Disposition/Model Change Overs
  • Engineering Changes


sequencing flow diagram


To ensure that production lines at OEMs are running smoothly and on schedule we have implemented protocols to prevent errors:

Rack Loading Error Proofing – allows our operators to assign and capture one or more methodologies per vehicle to error proof the rack loading process.  Scans may include:

  • Serial Number
  • Lot Number
  • Vendor Part Number Code
  • Order Number
  • Part Number
  • Slot Position
  • SPD Sequence
  • Torque Data
  • Part Alias
  • VIN Sequence
  • Scan Data
  • Part Trace

Load Rack Verification – performing secondary audits of fully loaded racks prior to shipment.  The user has the option of automating this re-verification step to occur directly after rack loading or simply spot auditing.

Label Printing – print/reprint VIN labels, Part Number labels, Serial Number labels and/or Part Alias labels.



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