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subassemblySub-assembly can be a cost effective and prompt means of meeting just-in-time production schedules. Whether it’s adding small bolts and brackets to a part or assembling multiple components to a finished part, Hearn Industrial Services is equipped with the expertise to assist with any sub-assembly needs that you have. We have multiple locations in Canada and the United States with dedicated, flexible space for sub-assembly, whether the job is big or small, we can accommodate it!

All aspects of our sub-assembly services from timing to quality requires precise coordination at all times. Our specially trained employees deliver products reliably, while the utmost care is given to all customer specifications.

The benefits of Hearn Industrial Services sub-assembly services are:

• Simplifies assembly, purchasing & scheduling
• Improves process control
• Maintenance of your quality requirements
• Optimize your supply chain process
• Increase flexibility
• Reduction of assembly cost
• Reduction of labour cost
• Reduction of inventory
• Reduction of your floor space


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