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warehouseOur warehousing and distribution services are a perfect solution for companies looking for a customized distribution program in a dedicated facility strategically positioned for optimal service.


• Dedicated & Public Warehousing Services
• Month to Month or Long Term Storage
• Flexible staffing needs or dedicated team
• Packaging, Container Management, Kitting Services
• Wireless for RF Scanning, Barcoding & Labelling
• Online inventory program allows customers FIFO control from the comfort of their own office
• Customized reporting & data tracking
• EDI – various formats to meet customer requirements


Hearn Industrial Services Inventory System

The management control portion of our Inventory System is versatile and allows us to set as many functions as we need to service our customers above and beyond just shipping and receiving products.
The system has some of the following features:
• Store parts by part number with lot number or with serial number or with both together
• FIFO by received date or lot number
• Store engineering levels, standard pack sizes, EDI preferences and the option to count bins for all parts
• Set and update accumulators for parts, which is required by most of our automotive customers
• Initiate a check point (cycle count) by location or by part
• Generate a wide variety of reports right from the main application on demand and with the option to choose specific data ranges


inventory management

Inventory Management


  • Stock receipt at part or pallet level
  • Collect vendor shipment #, trailer #, quantity, SKU,
  • Allow input of ASN details


  • Updates inventory at the location
  • Integrates with MES system and Pro Rack Loading – InSequence


  • Increase or decrease inventory at stock location level
  • Transfer inventory quantities
  • Split inventory at pallet and part level


  • Tracks SKU attributes at location level
  • Min/Max inventory levels with alerts
  • Provides various reports regarding part locations, quantity picked, inventory on hand, transaction by operator


  • Integrates with Shipping module, error proofs loading process


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